eBay: PowerSeller Profit Tips to Help You Make More Money on eBay-#1 of a Four Part Feature

Sometimes just a few small tasks make all the difference between making a few dollars profit on eBay and generating a small fortune each month. These ideas will help you make more from your listings.* Don’t think if an item goes unsold first time round that nobody wants it. Many times I’ve had items that failed to attract even one visitor but achieved multiple bids and high profits on second or third appearance. eBay is a fast changing marketplace with new members appearing daily and many more categories to list previously unsold goods. See the next tip.* A more appropriate listing category might increase sales. For example, I had some World War One stereoviews which eBay’s suggestion tool considered most appropriate for listing under ‘Antiques and Art > Art > Photographs > Pre-1940’, where I sold some, but not many of my 200 photographs. I relisted unsold items under ‘Collectables > Militaria > World War 1’ and lowered the price from £4 to £3. Almost all sold, many at £3, others up to £40 each. Magic!* Market your most likely best sellers outside of eBay. For example, I had a brass statue recently depicting a Greyhound, but not just any Greyhound. This one had won the revered Waterloo Cup in 1906. I listed it under Collectables > Animals > Dogs > Greyhound but visitors were few and the statue went unsold. I relisted it in the same category, but this time I wrote to editors of specialist Greyhound and Dog Racing magazines which I’m certain helped lift a simple ‘Dog’ statue into a much prized Racing collectible that sold for fifty pounds. (It cost me 10p at flea market).* Look for anniversaries or other events which might inflate the price of your goods significantly, and list them close to the appropriate date. For example, an early autograph I had of Fay Wray, heroine of the film King Kong, had gone unsold over two listings, until she died recently, whereupon my third listing suddenly attracted dozens of bids and a cool £20 profit.* Be aware that it’s just as easy (some say easier) to sell to people who have money as to others on tiny budgets. So rather than offer cheap items with tiny profit margins, go for big ticket items. You’ll probably achieve fewer sales, but you won’t work so hard and there’ll be fewer communications to handle. Consider: computers, fine jewellery, designer clothing, original art, cars, motorbikes. But be careful and check listing fees before pressing the submit button. Some items, like cars and motorbikes cost more to list and could eat extensively from your profits. Check carefully or do as I did and promote a pair of cufflinks shaped like motorbikes under Motorbikes > Accessories, and realise later you paid £6 in that category compared to the 35p you’d have paid under ‘Jewellery’.* Consider setting a reserve price on a low starting bid item. The low starting price can generate early interest, but be warned, some bidders feel cheated on encountering a high reserve price on that ’99p’ starting price item. Nevertheless, the low starting price / reserve price combination can result in furious bidding and high realisations and guarantees you get a good price or the item goes unsold. The reserve price is never disclosed but is always fifty pounds plus.* Specialise! Become an expert in one area and make fewer costly buying and selling mistakes. Experience also saves you time researching and listing items for sale. You’ll also generate repeat business from regular customers who’ll come to trust you and your business.* LIST, LIST, LIST!!! And when you think you’ve listed enough – LIST SOME MORE! Warning: This applies to items you’ve already tried and tested, and not to expensive new products about which you know little or nothing.* Aim to have a web site outside of eBay from which to sell additional items to customers derived from eBay. This can be done by including a leaflet or other mention with the original fulfillment package, thanking the buyer and inviting him (or her) to visit your web site for other items of interest. Consider including a voucher for a small discount on anything ordered outside of eBay. See the next tip.* When you have that web site, get it listed faster in Google’s search engine by including the site url in your ‘About Me’ page on eBay. Someone told me that Google and other search engines index eBay related pages faster than most other sites. I wasn’t convinced, so I tried, and found it worked. Start by creating an ‘About Me’, you’ll see how in your eBay account, and say something like. ‘Thank you for visiting. We are suppliers of XYZ and you can learn more about us at http://www.oursite.com’. Bear in mind it doesn’t matter if no-one ever visits your ‘About Me’ page, Google and other search engine spiders will visit and index your site. I follow this technique for all new web sites and find them indexed in days or weeks, never months. Warning: eBay takes a dim view of anyone giving web site addresses in their listings, or as part of an eBay ID and active links are likely to get you barred. The rule does not apply to ‘About Me’ pages.* Use counters in your eBay listings. These are provided by eBay, free of charge, during the listing process. Counters let you see how many visits each listing gets, from which you can plan and make changes (lots of visits but no bids is a sign something is wrong in your listing; few visits and several bids normally indicates a hot product). Few visits and plentiful bids could indicate a niche market, one with fewer members but one hundred per cent responsive buyers. But your competition can also check popularity of your listings, allowing them to capitalise on your expertise and possibly poach your ideas and products. The choice to use counters or not is up to you and you can always remove them once testing is complete and you know your product’s a winner.

Mobile Auto Detailing Products for Car Wash Businesses

Maintaining a vehicle is not an easy job. To eliminate the mud, dirt, tree sap, and grease from car exteriors, you may have to use harsh chemicals and scrub for hours. Cleaning car interiors is also a tough task. Vacuuming may help remove the dust particles and other loose deposits on the carpets and upholstery of vehicles. However, it will not eliminate the stains caused by coffee spills or chocolate, the odors of cigarette smoke or sweat, and the deposits created by dried food. To efficiently eliminate all these, you must use advanced car cleaning machines, such as car pressure washers and carpet cleaner machines.Designed for car wash professionals
Vehicle detailing professionals, especially those involved in mobile detailing business, utilize versatile and powerful car pressure washers. Conventional steam cleaner systems do not feature the necessary pressure levels to blast away dirt deposits. As a result, users have to continually wipe away the deposits dissolved during steam cleaning. Excessive wiping can cause scratches on the vehicle surface. It is also a time-consuming process.Using power wash systems is not a good option either. These machines feature extremely high pressure levels that can damage car exteriors and even cause the paint to flake off. The high flow rates of these machines make them unsuitable for applications, such as maintaining automobile engines. Car pressure washers available from leading distributors include the right aspects required for proper vehicle maintenance. These machines have been specifically designed to simplify the cleaning applications of car wash experts.To ensure excellent mobility and enable the car cleaning professionals to move around easily without having to drag the machine behind them, car pressure washers are equipped with wheeled configurations. The strong and durable roller wheels help move the machine from one spot to another without exerting too much effort.The perfect cleaning functions
As stated earlier, car detailing machines feature the right cleaning functions required to get the cars spotlessly clean. Steam car wash products are capable of generating steam at temperatures as high as 250ºF. The hot steam helps dissolve almost all kinds of dirt buildup, including mud, grease, tree sap, bugs, and tar. To wash away these dissolved deposits, the portable car wash systems come with adequately high pressure levels of 1000 psi. Remember that pressure levels of up to 1500 psi are safe for use on car exteriors. Finally, to prevent the damage to sensitive parts due to high water content, these auto detailing equipment feature low flow rates of 0.5 gpm. The low flow rates also help cut down water consumption.The primary reason why car detailing professionals recommend using these steam car wash machines is that it is a great way to avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Since steam is a good dirt dissolver, you do not have to depend on chemicals to soften tough dirt buildup. However, it is possible to enhance the action of mobile auto detailing products by adding green chemicals into the detergent tanks of the auto detailing equipment.Check out the online stores of leading suppliers to purchase such feature-rich, mobile car pressure washers.

5 Tips for Selecting Your Converter

The overall performance of most stock cars with stock engines is usually best when using stock converters. Minor changes in cam-shafts that push the power range up in RPM may require a different converter. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to buy a new one. Keep the following in mind when trying to select a converter for your vehicle:1.) Race Converters are Not for Regular Cars!It is important to understand if your car is driven on a regular road, it is most likely not a race car. Race car converters will not provide satisfactory performance for a regular vehicle so don’t waste your time looking at those types of converters.2.) Select a Converter for Your Engine TypeDon’t install a converter designed for a small-block into a car with a large-displacement or high torque engine. Some companies state right in their ads “not for use with big-block engines.” This statement doesn’t mean that the converter is low quality and the additional toque from a strong running big-block engine is going to kill it. This also means that the low-speed coupling efficiency is designed more for engines that produce less torque. High-torque big-block engines or even small-block engines with large displacement should use converters closely matched to their power output at lower engine speeds.3.) Don’t Add a Converter the is Too Loose with A Street RPM EngineIf you have a race car and you do this, you’ll run out of RPM much too early in the quarter-mile race. Most vehicles are set up to go through the quarter-mile in high gear. It is important to keep in mind that the efficiency of converters is greatly affected by the engine RPM at the trap seed. We’ve seen loose converters slip nearly 1,000 RPM in high great and this should be factored into converter selection.4.) Consider All Variables Such as Tire Size, Gear Ratio and Maximum RPMAll reputable part suppliers will ask about these aspects on your car prior to selling you your converter. Know all of these characteristics before going to buy your part.The correct converter will provide some minor creep in Drive at your normal idle speed and will allow normal acceleration in traffic without excessive slippage and high RPM. It will provide a constant speed on the road without noticeable engine RPM changes when climbing and descending hills.5.) A Torque-Converter Clutch can Improve your ConverterThe torque-converter clutch (TCC) can be used to cease all torque multiplication for drag racing, road racing and many racers will use the TCC as early as second gear to provide a direct coupling between the engine and rear axle. This allows for a relatively loose converter to be used for maximum starting-line performance and still see the benefits of full power transfer during the run and lowest possible RPM at trap speeds.The multiple-disk clutch assemblies increase the amount of friction material to greatly increase holding power when the TCC is applied. The pump cover and pump assembly are made of much stronger materials to hold their shape properly. These converters are available from most companies for applications where the user plans on using the TCC when the engine is making full power and they want all of the power produced to go directly to the transmission.